Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get Well Soon, Kasey!

So you all know I had knee surgery #4 a couple weeks ago. I had my first ACL reconstruction during my senior year after a volleyball injury and then my other ACL 2 1/2 years later doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately I'm not the only one in my family who has bad knees (thanks, Dad).

My sister Kasey has followed pretty much the same path as me...except she is MUCH better at volleyball than I ever was and was hoping to play college ball, so it has made it all the more frustrating and disappointing. She tore her first ACL last summer while gearing up for her junior year season in high school. She rehabbed to get ready for this season, only to repeat with her other knee at the same camp this summer. She tried to play through the injury, but it just wasn't working, so today she had reconstructive surgery.

What does this have to do with parties, you ask? Well, not much. But it has been weighing heavily on my mind because I know how she feels and I know how much work it is going to be for her over the coming months...all during her senior year of high school. But, I also have spent the last week or so getting a few things ready to try to lift her spirits. The kids and I drove to my parents farm while she was in surgery and made over their family room. Then we hid the car and my dad called to warn us when they got home so we could hide. First she was surprised by the decor, then she was surprised to see us!

I made her a "banner MINI" which is a smaller version of my banners...it turned out really cute and I'm thinking of making some to sell in my shop (if I ever get some "free" time!):
We also brought her lots of treats, balloons, kid-made cards, and some of my favorite movies. Tate and Avery each picked something from Target to bring her as a gift. Tate picked pencils...the kind that have replaceable lead that you pull out and stick in the back when you need a new one (teachers LOVE those by the way...or NOT!) and Avery picked a Star Wars yo-yo. Yes, nice, I know. They both gave very good reasons why she should have them. Tate said she needed to do homework, and Aves said she needed to have something to do when she's laying on the couch. Not sure that's going to work while laying on a couch, but logistics mean nothing to a 2 year old!
Doesn't she look good for just having had surgery? She'll kill me that I posted these pictures, but I think she looks good. To be fair, she just got her senior pictures back so I will show you a scanned picture of what she "really" looks like...BEAUTIFUL!

Love you, Kas. We know you'll recover wonderfully. Just don't pass out for mom in the shower. Again. :)

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