Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You're invited...

I've always loved making invitations for my kids birthdays, baptisms, or for other parties that I was throwing. I know how much I LOVE getting invitations in the mail from other people, so I always want the ones I send out to make people excited about coming to whatever it is I'm inviting them to.

When I was first developing THE POLKADOT COLLECTION, I was trying to get everything together in terms of design and business, so I enlisted a little help. Shawna from Lillybean Designs took my vision and designed my invitations as well as the emblems I use on the thank yous, favor tags, door sign, and napkin rings. She's awesome...we went back and forth until what was screaming inside my head was sent to me through a digital file from her computer.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I have had a chance to design a few invitations myself. I'm going to show you one of them tonight and a couple tommorow so this doesn't get too long.

My friend Nancy wanted me to design some invitations for her sister's personal shower. I think her exact words were something like "I want them to be the cutest thing anyone's ever seen." Thanks, Nanc...nothing like a little pressure! She gave me her sister's colors (sage green, black, and cream) and the details of the party and said to run with it, so I did.

I'm not sure they're "the cutest things you've ever seen" but she seemed to be satisfied! : )

I realize that this is not sage green, but for a bachelorette party/personal shower, I wanted to make it a little brighter and more fun and Nancy agreed. There is so much personal information on these invitations that I had to get creative with photography, but I'm sure you can get an idea of what they look like! The small card is an enclosure for directions on how to get to the party.

I'll be back tomorow night with more invitations!

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