Saturday, September 6, 2008

"I like what I see, BUT..."

Do you ever see something on my blog or in my shop that you like, but wish you could change it just a bit? These customers did!

Remember these pink and brown banners and cupcake toppers I did a couple months ago? This customer saw those and liked them but she wanted to add in a limey green and a bright pink in addition to the light pink and brown to match her invitations and serving platters that she'd already purchased. She also liked the font from the "B is for Baby" banner in my shop, so after finding her some paper and tweaking things a bit, here is the new banner for little Mallory:

Remember this circus themed banner I did earlier in the summer? This client loved that paper, but wanted something that didn't have a specific theme, just the bright colors. So here is how Ben's banner turned out:
She also wanted cupcake toppers...and I must say these are my favorite that I've made so far!

Then, when I was almost done with her order, she found this Wilton cake pan at Target. It makes a cake that ends up being shaped like a huge cupcake.

So she decided along with her little cupcakes she was going to use this for Ben's "smash cake" and so she wanted me to make a giant sized cupcake topper and wrapper for the cupcake. I went to Target to get the pan, fully intending on returning it after I got the right angle for the cut of the wrapper...but guess who is the new owner of a giant cupcake Wilton pan?? It was just too cute and I figured I will get plenty of use out of it with my 3 kids over the next 18 years or so! So here is the giant cupcake topper and wrapper:

So remember that if you see something you like, but just isn't quite right, ANYTHING can be changed to your liking, just ask!

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goldenshoptalk said...

JESS!!! Okay, so I just saw that wilton cupcake pan online yesterday and was SO ready to switch my whole theme based on it alone! Okay, but I NEVER would have thought to do a giant cupcake pick and wrapper! You HAVE to get pics of it and post, I am almost falling off my chair over how insanely cute that idea is!!!! Oh, and yeah, you are NOT returning that pan...I almost bought it just in case! :)