Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lollipops or cupcakes...how about both??

This is going to be a quickie! Lots of work to do tonight and I want to go to bed "early"!

I just finished these invitations for a client who is doing a candy theme for her daughter's first birthday, but she said she couldn't help having cupcakes involved, too. So her plan is to put the lollipops into the cupcake as decorations...brilliant! Here are the lollipops she ordered and sent me the pic as an inspiration:

She loved all the bright colors, but how there was still the girly pink and purple included as well.

I had already started drawing a new cupcake for another client who had given me an example of the things she liked, but it seemed to fit this invitation, too. So I finished it up and added it along with some new lollipops. After going back and forth several times and tweaking things so they were just the way we wanted them, this is how the invitation turned out:

Now I get to make the partyware to match! I LOVE when we start from scratch and make every part of the party custom so it is exactly what the customer wants. Check back in a few weeks for the matching set!

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